Friday, July 10, 2015

Ali Baba Explains Why Nigerian Comedians Make More Money Than Actors- Alibaba

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Veteran Nigeria comedian, Ali baba is one that always speaks his mind, i think he can't just keep quiet even if his life depended on it. Most times, he speaks with some facts and reason.  According to his latest rant, said Nigerian comedians make a lot of money than actors.

According to the comedian: 
“Nigerian comedians make a lot of money than actors. You wouldn’t believe but let me tell you. You shoot a movie, it takes 4 months for the movie to be released and they get paid. There is hardly an actor that charges N1 million or N2 million per movie unless you are in the top end of the hierarchy such as RMD, Genevieve, and Omotola.
But then, there are comedians that charges N800,000 or N1 million per event. In four months, such comedian would have done maybe 30 events but because he doesn’t do a movie that is on cable TV that can be seen in Kenya, South Africa, and all across the country, people do not think he is making that kind of money. Actors shoot a movie and it takes There are quite a number of Nigerian comedians whose wives do not have a job but they still live large. A popular comedian would have performed at 6 to 8 different shows in a month before a Nollywood actor wraps up shoot on set of a movie.”

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