Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Help! I'm About to Wed a Man i Don't Enjoy Sex*al Intercourse With

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 I'm a 28 years old lady, working and independent, i have had series of heart break from past relationships that for a year and half i took time out from being in a relationship in other to get myself and focus on my work and and furthering my education.
Not until last year, a friend of mine from way back in the university came to see me and told me there is this guy she wants me to meet.

At first, i declined and told her i wasn't interested at the moment until am done with my masters before i think of a relationship that i dont want anything distracting me at the moment. She kept pressurizing me and insisted i meet this dude before i conclude.

I accepted and eventually met him(April 2014). We got talking and i ended up liking him, he treats/respects me like no other, and he proposed to me 2 months ago, BUT............. 
Here is the issue, I DON'T enjoy sex*al intercourse with him,(dont get me wrong i really do love him), but hes really Endowed down there (like really big) and each time we have s*x it hurts (cos hes huge). some times i cut it short when i cant bear the pain anymore and i really feel sorry for him those times, while sometimes in other  to satisfy him i really have to bear the pain. 

A couple of times i have bled and visited the clinic and was told to abstain for a while(its been almost 3 months now) we haven't had s*x.(though he is aware of it).
My question is.... When we end up getting married for how long would i have to endure the pain during s*x with him?? (that sh** hurts).
what can i do to ease the pain??(we have tried using lots of lubricant....Lol....but it still hurts).

You know they say sex*al intercourse is one of the key to a happy home(if you don't give it to him, he would go search for it outside), which is what every woman prays against. 
Dear readers your thoughts please.......

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