Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Man Claims to Have Spotted The 'Face of God' in Slab of Marble Given to Man by His Late Father

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 Unbelievable right? A man who goes by the name Charlie Debb, 55, shared these photos and claimed to have spotted the 'Face of God' on a slab of marble given to him by his late dad. He said the piece was given to him by his dad who discovered the rare find at his stone factory in 1970. He said after it was given to him, he put the slab in storage in a vault in Switzerland, and didn't think much of it until he went back there last year and saw that it was weighing heavier than previously and was shocked to see the face of God embedded into the rock.

He wrote a letter to the Natural History Museum in London to tell them about the find and asking if it was a common occurrence and they told him 'It was an accidental quirk of nature'. Now, do you see the 'Face of God' in the slab below?

More like Abraham Lincoln to me.

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