Friday, September 18, 2015

The Face Of Burkina Faso Coup Leader And how he seized Power

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Burkina Faso has been plunged into chaos due to the successful coup lead by Gen. Gilbert Diendere. The country military overthrew the transitional government on Thursday and declared control, sending the West African nation into turmoil weeks before elections are scheduled to take place. Diendere,the coup leader is  a former aide to Burkina Faso’s ousted ruler, Blaise Compaore.
 Protesters gathered in pockets around the capital Ouagadougou throughout the morning, shouting in support of interim President Michal Kafando and Prime Minister Isaac Zida, who were detained by soldiers inside the presidential palace. Army troops fired warning shots to disperse the crowds while authorities canceled flights, imposed a curfew and sealed the country’s borders, the New York Times reported.

Kafando, Zida and several ministers were holding a meeting Wednesday when presidential guards loyal to Compaore “burst into the cabinet room and kidnapped” the interim president, the prime minister and two ministers, interim parliament speaker Cheriff Sy said Wednesday in a statement to Agence France-Presse. 

 News outlets were reportedly shut down around the country. Radio Omega, a private Burkinabe radio station, said on Twitter its service was cut off and journalists’ motorbikes were set on fire. Several other broadcast stations reportedly stopped transmitting as well, Reuters reported. During a broadcast on state television Thursday, Lt. Col. Mamadou Bamba declared a new "National Democratic Council" had put an end "to the deviant regime of transition" in Burkina Faso and the interim president had been stripped of his powers.

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