Sunday, October 11, 2015

Lol! Award Winning Rapper Kanye West Auditions For American Idol(Photos)

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 Imagine you're a judge on a music talent show and you're sitting and waiting for the next contestant - only for a 21-time Grammy winner to appear in front of you, saying he's there to audition.

Expectedly, American Idol judge JLo completely lost her composure and could barely believe her eyes when she saw Kanye West standing in front of her. The super star rapper surprised her and other judges at the San Francisco, California audition of American Idol yesterday. He stood there and told them he wanted to try his hand at starting from the bottom.

 He performed for them and of course he was sent through to the next round. And Kanye showed so much excitement to go through. He held up his 'golden ticket' to Hollywood's final round to show Kim and he looked as though he was like any other contestant that made it through. The whole thing was captured by his wife Kim who shared a clip on instagram.

Ryan Seacrest even hi-fived him, congratulating for making it through.

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